My new love…


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Music can stop the world and can make it go around


I haven’t been posting too frequently now, sorry for that. its because I’ve been busy with Holy week. Had so many events that took over my attention. Oh anyway, how are you my dearest followers? did ya miss me? LOL anyway, i’ve been away for quite sometime and i discovered a new love of my life. can you guess what it is?


If I’ll be giving you a clue will you be able to get it? hmm. here you go, its a thing that has a connection with music..


now, can you guess it?






anyway, i’ll tell you now. I recently discovered that I love mashed up songs and mix. and DJ’s are my thing right n ow ❤ I found those DJ’s are so freakin’ hot and sexy. so what can I say, raise your hand if your a DJ that can play me a GREAT MASH UP! wooooh! So, now to be particular, I was amazed on how DJ Callum David (DJ VINIMAL) mash up son gs, they are so spectacular that you can’t really stop dancing to the beat. its like every beat is taking you away into another world and lets you give all your energy to dance the music all the way. 



SO, what are you waiting for.. 


SEARCH FOR HIM AND TRY LISTENING TO HIS MASH UPS or any DJ’s MASH UP. who knows, maybe you’ll fell inlove with mashup songs too! 🙂




Nonsense poem.


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Im bored and this words just popped out of my head. Lol, peace.



Why do i eat tomatoes?, Even if i want potatoes.
And i went bulldose, inside my condos.
And i saw weirdos that ate their nose and their toes.



Don’t take lif…


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Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never escape it alive anyway. – unknown

This quote is more than true. Proven so many times. We all have difficulties in life, but then again if we take everything seriously, then we’ll never find any solution to it. Many struggles came up to my life and yes, my mom and I really had time to fix those problems with a smile up on our faces. 🙂 Indeed, if you just have faith and you believe that everything will be okay, then life will be easier. 


CHEERS TO LIFE! we may have problems but at the end we need to smile and say “yes! I did it” 



Miss Beauty Queen or better yet, MISS WANNA BE?!


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Queen wanna be

Queen wanna be!

Its better to be popular and be a wanna be “beauty queen”, than to be nothing

– by wanna be BEAUTY QUEEN

I saw this post of a girl whom I know way back then. The post was all about her joining a pageant. When I saw that post, Its not even new to me that she’ll be going to join a national pageant. wanna know why I am so wasting my time blogging about her?

Its because, I’m just concerned about how she’ll represent our place. what i mean is that yeah given that she’s kinda not new in involving in those kind of contests but how she answers the question of the judges that matters most. Recently, I saw this video on Youtube of her last pageant (particularly the Q&A Portion), I was shocked then with what she answered. as in, OH MY G!! she doesn’t sound so educated AT ALL! what I mean of that is that is she can’t even speak in fluent English and really you can see to her that she doesn’t have the guts to be a FULL PACKAGE BEAUTY QUEEN. She was asked then with a language of English but all of the sudden she answered back with our language, WHICH WAS SO UNPROFESSIONAL and UNETHICAL.  Well of course, in a question and answer portion (but not only there) if you’re asked in a particular language, you must respond with the same language used. Another thing, not only the way she answered the judge with the language, BUT ALSO THE SENSE OF HER ANSWER. what do I mean? WELL, to summarize her answer, she wanted to win in that competition, mainly because she wanted to bail her uncle out of jail. MY GOD! in a public, will you even advertise that your family member is in jail!? THE HELL! what an answer. it just only shows that the family of that young lady doesn’t have a good background and thus, can’t be trusted. You might say that I may be judgmental  on how I react but, BELIEVE me.. I’ve known this girl and her family… THEY REALLY ARE LIKE THAT.

Oh well, I can’t help my self venting in an orgasmic harsh way, but this is my only way on how to release my feelings toward what she did. I also noticed that she just join some pageants to be POPULAR. well, she achieved that, for like joining SOOOO MANY contest, well indeed she’d be popular, but WHAT NOW!? there are people talking to her and noticing her but she doesn’t even respond. HOW RUDE! is that how a beauty queen be? well, for one to be a beauty queen, YOU MUST BE A ROLE MODEL TO ALL, NOT ONLY THAT BUT BE HUMANE TO EVERY PERSON. ONE MUST NOT PICK PEOPLE WHOM SHE ONLY WANNA TALK. YOU MUST BE EQUAL AND KIND. LASTLY, A BEAUTY QUEEN IS A HUMBLE LADY AND KIND HEARTED.

So, I just wanna say goodluck to that person. in time, may you be a MISS BEAUTY QUEEN. NOT A MISS WANNA BE LIKE WHAT YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

Alive or not?


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Today is so different.
I asked my self, “what can I do to make a person’s life longer?” I know I’m not God but, there must a way to make someone live longer. Earlier ago, my dad ask me not to give effort to clean and feed him for he only wants to stay inside the house and sleep all day. But inside me tells that, 
“NO! He must be clean and must eat a lot so he’ll be stronger!”
Thus, his inside and outside is giving up. For so many years he’d been in the hospital in and out. Pain is killing him but i know that he doesn’t want to leave because of me and my mom. I know for the fact that its hard for him because, his physical body is breaking down but his soul still wants to live and continue to be with us. 
I pray to God that someday, he’ll find the perfect timing to be at peace. Nevertheless, i already told him that its better for Him to be safe there in heaven instead of the pain killing him, which is also hard for us(me and my mom). 
Today, i know my grandpa and grand mom is still taking care of him even if they are not with us right now. Surely, my dad will have the right place to have now.
I love him. No matter what.


“You can never …


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“You can never tell how strong you are, unless God already gave you a challenge”

In every person’s life, there’s a challenge that will make us for see a brighter future. God will never give us any huddle not unless He knows that we can’t resolve it. You just have to make your faith stronger and wider.


Have a nice day ahead everyone! 

Ambiguous Personality


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It takes a lot of courage to be a human being”


I’ve been wondering for quite some time if i’ll pursue creating this blog, but now i took the courage to publish this wordpress account. (anonymously) I need to hide who I am so there can be no bias with things that I will post in the near future.

anyway, in lieu of what my quote is all about, i just wanna say that it is really hard to be a human being. a lot of temptations are covering ones mind and not only that, trials may come and wreck your life path. people have so many problems in life that can make any human being go crazy. crazy in a way that no only you can make yourself resolved. its hard to pretend that you’re happy if you really are not. but by the strength and power of mind, one can overcome a lot of things. it can overcome fear, anger, melancholy and a lot of things.

let me share a little moment about my life, i love this person that keeps on making me sad, angry and frustrated at times. this person sometimes is a pain in my ass. what i mean pain in the ass is that at times you tend to give up because of the things that that person is doing. but despite of that experiences, tat person made me smile when doing good things, laugh whenever that human is cracking jokes and widen my heart whenever I fell the downside. .









and that person is my dad.





i love him and always will.